Gourmet Breakfasts

Each morning at Beaufort House Inn in Asheville, North Carolina, you will look forward to our elegantly prepared, candlelit breakfasts – as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Our two-course gourmet breakfast is prepared using the freshest ingredients that take advantage of local and seasonal produce gathered from local farmers and using organic ingredients whenever possible.

Our bed and breakfast menu alternates between sweet and savory entrees and is designed to please the palate and expand your breakfast experience.

We use the finest locally roasted coffees, and organic whole-grain flours. Our menu varies day to day and may include Belgian Waffles, pear dumplings, French phyllo eggs, quiches and crepes. We always complement our main entrée with fresh fruit, baked pastry dishes, or organic yogurt parfaits. We take simple and traditional recipes and apply a ‘modern, updated’ flair to our continually expanding menus.

We also cater to vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and many dietary requests when possible. Advance notice is required for these menu changes.

Our two dining rooms can seat 24 people comfortably for breakfast each morning, at both group and individual tables. The ambiance is complemented with flowers, candles, our elegant antique woodwork, stained glass windows with views of the gardens and birds just outside . . . and engaging conversation with other guests.

Beaufort House Inn Recipes

At Beaufort House Inn, we appreciate and share your enthusiasm for cooking ~ cooking healthy ~ cooking with local and seasonal produce ~ cooking for others! Our goal every day is to mix traditional breakfast/brunch menus with a unique twist on ingredients and presentation. We want to expand your concept of “breakfast” at Beaufort House Inn.

Good things happen when our guests gather for breakfast! Our sweet and savory daily menus initiate the conversations, but we also love when our guests linger with newfound friends in the morning light of our dining rooms.

These are some of our most requested recipes. Please enjoy cooking and sharing them with others!

Banana Bread Pudding
Asheville B&B Banana Bread Pudding
Cheese Quiche Fresh Herbs
Croissant French ToastCroissant French Toast in Asheville
Drop Biscuit with Fresh Berries
Fresh Peach Crepes

Fresh Vegetable Crepes with Parmesan Crisps
Honey Craft Beer Bread
Lemon Morning Cake
Lemon Morning Cake in Asheville NC
Apple Pecan Crepes
Apple Pecan Crepes
Pear Tart with Fresh Blueberries
Pineapple Pecan Sticky Buns Creme Fraiche
pineapple sticky buns
Yogurt Fruit Granola Parfait
Roasted Vegetable Frittata
 Belgian WafflesBeaufort House Belgian Waffles  Ricotta Cheese CrepesRicotta cheese crepes