French Scrambled Eggs in Phyllo Cups

French Scrambled Eggs in Phyllo Cups 

 In the Beaufort House kitchen, we extensively test all our recipes to ensure they are delicious before putting them on the menu.  Once we tasted these creamy scrambled eggs nestled in light and crispy phyllo cups, we knew we had a winner.   

 The best recipes are the ones where you can leave the kitchen wiping imaginary flour off your face in exhaustion to the oo’s and ahh’s of your impressed guests.  They never need to know that it’s a snap to put together!  

 Guests love taking pictures of this dish’s pretty presentation.  Usually they just snap a couple shots with their iPhone, but a few years ago one gentleman pulled out his expensive Nikon and carefully arranged the dish in the morning light before taking his picture.   

 Naturally, we were curious.  When asked, he admitted worked in the food industry in  Washington, D.C.  He proceeded to take out an expensive looking business card with a picture of the White House printed on it.  It turned out that he was the director of food and beverage at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!   

 If this dish is enough to impress a someone working in the White House kitchen, then we are pretty sure it will wow your Aunt Margaret this holiday season.  Luckily, this tasty recipe is a lot easier to execute then it looks.  It’s the perfect dish for Christmas morning because the phyllo cups can be made the day ahead and the scrambled eggs come together easily on the stovetop.   


Step 1 (Step 1-5 can be completed the day before):  

 Gather the ingredients and preheat the oven to 375 degrees.  You will also need a pastry brush, large muffin tin (1/2 dozen per tray) and a paring knife.    


  • olive oil 
  • 1 package of phyllo dough (can be found in your freezer section) 
Phyllo ingredients

phyllo ingredients


Step 2: 

Unroll the phyllo dough from the package. Gently peel off one sheet and place it in front of you.  It’s ok if it tears a little bit, phyllo seems very fragile but it will come back together once it’s baked. 

Brush the single sheet with a thin layer of olive oil.  Take a second sheet and lay it on top of the first.  Brush the second sheet with oil.   

  Phyllo full sheet

Step 3: 

Fold the two connected sheets in half.  Brush around the edges of the rectangle with a little more oil. 

 Step 4: 

Tuck the sheet into the muffin tin, letting the excess hang over the edges.  With a sharp paring knife, cut a 1/2 inch slice in the bottom of the unbaked phyllo cup.  This will prevent the center from puffing up as it bakes. 

 Repeat with the rest of the phyllo sheets. Don’t worry about the edges of each phyllo cup overlapping or touching.  They will come apart easily when baked.  

 Phyllo folded


Step 5:  

Bake for 4-6 minutes or until golden brown.  Watch them closely, as they will brown quickly and all ovens cook a little differently.  One minute really makes a difference with these. 


The phyllo cups hold beautifully overnight sitting out on the counter (we hide ours in a cold oven so they don’t get knocked around).  Do not refrigerate or they will get soggy.  


Step 6 :  

 When ready to serve, preheat oven to 170 degrees or your lowest oven setting. Slide phyllo cups back into oven to get warm.  They can hold there while the eggs cook. 

 We like to make our scrambled eggs in the classical French style, which is a fancy way to say that we cook them over low heat for a long time. It takes a little more patience but the technique produces perfect pillowy soft scrambled eggs.  Trust us! 

 Here’s the trick to our creamy scrambled eggs: Heat a nonstick skillet over medium low heat.  Crack the desired number of eggs into a bowl (we cook about 3 per person for this recipe) and add a generous splash of half and half.  Salt to taste and whisk.  Melt a pat of butter in the skillet and then add the eggs.  Cook, stirring often with a rubber spatula.  It will take awhile for anything to happen but be patient!  They will take 20-30 minutes to form soft curds.  Keep a close eye on them at the end because they finish up quickly.  Once the eggs are done to your liking, stir in cheddar cheese and serve immediately.   



 Carefully place the phyllo shell on the plate and fill with a heaping serving of creamy eggs.  Top with a little extra cheese and serve.  We like to pair our phyllo cups with a little breakfast salad on the side. Yum! 

 Phyllos ready to serve















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